Bebiking stands behind the products we built with the following Limited Warranty

Product warranty

Fiido product comes with 1 years warranty valid from the date of original purchase of the product. The warranty is provided from us when you purchased on our website. 

The warranty shall cover all products on bebiking.com that are available exclusively from resellers. The warranty extends exclusively to products that are new and exhibit a material or production defect. All other parts and components shall be excluded from this warranty.

Warranty Exclusion:

The following components/parts and circumstances shall be excluded from this warranty or lead to exclusion from this warranty:

-If the vehicle is technically modified without the approval of the manufacturer

-Installation of incompatible or non-original parts

-Wear-and-tear parts (see definition below)

-Any modification of the version as delivered

-Repairs that have not been carried out by specialists certified by Bebiking

-Inappropriate use and transport (see User Manual)

-Missing service inspections within an appropriate period (see User Manual)

-Inappropriate maintenance (see User Manual)

-Damage resulting from incorrect adjustments or worn components

-Consequences of a fall or accidents

-Damage caused by climatic conditions or normal wear

-Damage due to unsuitable cleaning agents

-Bebiking explicitly exempts from coverage any damage on bikes used for jumping, stunt riding, r-rental programs,

-observed trials and any similar extreme riding or events

-Warranty of the battery is void if battery is not charged within 2 months

-Damage occurring during shipment of the products (such claims must be presented directly to the shipper)

-Products whose VIN number (13-digit number on headset and under the bike) have been altered, defaced or removed

Limitations of Liability and exclusion of Liability 

bebiking’s liability for damage resulting from defects to the products sales on the website shall always be limited at most to the original purchase price of the product in question. Bebiking shall therefore in no circumstances accept liability for damage caused by force majeure events, chance occurrences and/or unforeseeable events, or consequential damage, in other words for direct or indirect damage, lost profit or other losses that may result from a defect to a product on bebiking.com. Any liability for damage that may occur through use of the product on bebiking.com by third parties shall likewise be excluded. Solely the buyer or rider shall be responsible for such damage to third parties. The above limitation of liability and the exclusion of liability shall not apply to the extent that bebiking is liable on the basis of legally compulsory regulations.

Your responsibilities- You are responsible for proper use of our product, routine preventative maintenance and following proper product handling recommendations provided in our instructions manual, quick start guide and on our website.