Electric Ceramics Steam Hair Straightener - Pink

Main Features:
- It heats up quickly and also protects the hair.
- When not in use, it will stop automatically after one hour.
- The latest activated steam technology, which can spray water, steam water helps to increase the moisture and shine of the hair and prevent damage.
- With 360-degree rotating wire, compatible with global 110-240V dual voltage, removable water tank.
- Five adjustable modes for dry hair (5 different adjustable temperature lock settings) to find the right amount of heat to effectively care for your hair.

Colour: Pink
Material: Tourmaline ceramic + PA66
Power: 51W
Voltage: AC110-240V 50 / 60Hz
Temperature: 120 ° C ~ 200 ° C
Package Includes:

1 x Steam Steam Straightener
1 x bottle
1 x manual

1. Do not touch hot surfaces.
2. Always unplug the device immediately after use.
3. Do not use while swimming
4. Do not place or store the device where it can fall or be drawn into a bathtub or sink
5. If the device enters the water, turn it off immediately, do not go into the water.

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