Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad Treadmill A1 Smart Foldable Walking Machine - Carbon Gray(Pre-order)

 IML technology for the panel, sandblasting texture cladding technology and aluminized molding lines of the body

 Lightweight aluminum alloy structure to reduce the weight of the whole machine
Multiple protections: child lock protection, overload protection, 10-minute automatic standby, and novice speed limit protection
Bottom wheel design to move easily
● Walking platform distance from the ground is only 57mm when in normal use
● Just for less than half a square meter and 12.9cm thickness after folding
● Different speed selection for the new beginner or experienced athletes
● Has been integrated into Xiaomi's smart home ecosystem and can be set up and adjusted through the Mijia App ( can be downloaded from the App Store )
● Installation-free design
● The walking machine powered by the plug to do exercise, the remote control is powered by a button battery ( included in the product )
● Suitable for doing exercise at home, office, garden, etc.

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Great for stand up desk in home office

I have used the walkingpad everyday since I’ve purchased the product and I have to say that I am very impressed. I was looking for a treadmill that did not take a lot of space and/or was bulky or heavy. I read the two other reviews for the A1 series and also the P1 Series reviews with mixed emotions. There are not many reviews for this product but I am glad I chose this one because it is exactly what I needed. The setup was a breeze. Once you paired the app with the treadmill you are able to track your progress and history through the app. There are two modes: manual and auto. Manual allows you to control the walkingpad with the remote and the auto is on the walking belt (and a mode switch on the side of the pad too). This product is fairly quiet but I find it can be a bit noisy on its highest speed of 3.75 mi/h. Overall, a really great product!

good for me

it is foldable and I can relax when I am at home. The speed range is from 0.5 to 6 kilometers per hour

Xiaomi walking machine- recommended

Ha tardado un mes y 16 días en llegar, lo cuál no esta mal ya que pensaba tardaría dos meses. reviewsandso.blogspot.com 4clicks Hay que acostumbrarse a la cinta de andar, además la primera vez que te subes se dispara a supuestos 3km/h que dan la impresión de ser más. Para configurarlo hemos reinstalado la app seleccionando región China como comentan y así poder configurar la velocidad mínima de arranque a 2km/h y seguir el tutorial de uso. Para no pegarnos un leñazo estos días hemos puesto dos sillas en los laterales para sujetarse si se dispara la cinta lol Esta bien pero no nos fiamos de ella para personas mayores, y al final preferimos poner velocidad manual y quitarle la inteligencia a la cinta :-) lol ay... Otra cosa, se supone pesa menos de 30kgs pero al no tener asas ni por dónde cogerla, es un pelín complicado subirla en brazos por unas escaleras, y son 30 kilos de volumen sin poder agarar bien ni siquiera la caja de cartón. Ah! hay que configurarlo con la app para que los sensores hagan su función, el subirse de primeras sin la app ha sido un pelín heaby porque la velocidad de partida que tenía era de demasiado, supuestos 3km/h, para empezar y acostumbrarse. Estaría mejor si empezara a 0.5km/h por ejemplo y aumentaramos la velocidad. No se que idea me hizé pero me la esperaba memos larga, pero son las medidas correctas. Sobre el ancho de la cinta en sí, la superficie real sobre la que se anda, es correcta, ningún problema para caminar. Si comparamos con otras cintas hay incluso más estrechas. Una vez nos subimos a la cinta, vemos que no falta anchura para andar, perfecto. Ahora ya solo queda acostumbrarse a la cinta de andar y aprender a usarla para no salir escupido lol :-) Saludos y Gracias :-)"

The xiaomi walking pad

Arrived on schedule (chose the long route by ship, then after arriving in Germany it was easily tracked on the UPS site). Had been double-boxed and was in perfect condition.The "manual" is the first thing you see upon opening the box. Please note that this is in Chinese only. It's mainly pictures though so easy enough to figure it out. The Walking Pad arrives folded and is protected by a good quality bag and polystyrene at both ends. It is quite heavy so a bit tricky to get out of the box(es) but once you have done that it's easy to get started. It unfolds easily. Firstly, in the manual is a scannable code that brings you directly to the playstore and Xiaomi Home app. Install it and enter your WiFi details. Please note that you must choose China as the region (important when you are outside China purchasing this product) and click on Walking Pad to start setting up. You will be able to "unlock' the initial 3km speed limit and allow 6kmph.Other preferences can be changed also. Once this is done you can operate the walking Pad independently of the app if you don't wish to have a phone in your hand while using it. (safer!) Before using check alignment and tightness of the walking area. An allen key is supplied. I have only used the Manual mode so can't comment on the Automatic mode. The operation is easy. The remote control supplied (battery included) has a central large on/off button, +/- to increase /decrease speed, and a Mode button to choose Manual/Automatic. The pad has a 3 second countdown before it starts moving so you can be ready. The Stop button is effective almost immediately if you need to stop suddenly. Fabulous piece of machinery with all needs met. And it takes up so little space!! Very happy with it.

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